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    Now Chengdu is embracing a new development philosophy as it grows into a beautiful livable park city. As returning to the true and the natural represents the aspirations of the present era, the Qingcheng Xicun surrounded by mountains and water has become where modern people pursue a better lifestyle and satisfy their spiritual needs. Rustic luxury seems to better echo people's longing for such a return.

    Based on the space experience of "engagement – detachment – reengagement", the project aims to build a relatively independent island into a “land of idyllic beauty”. The curved roofs connect the whole building community, and copper vertical bars, together with curved roof, create a free and light architectural form. Such materials as thatch, green tile, and wood are used to create make the architecture original and authentic. The realm of rustic luxury lies not only in a high degree of intimacy with nature, comfortable space, charming scenery, but more in inner freedom and spiritual abundance. Such a realm, where nature and art get married, allows people to bask in the baptism of thousands of years of culture and ecology in Chengdu, and strikes a desirable balance between the landscape of Qingcheng, namely a green town, and the charm of Xicun, namely a brook-side village.

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