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    设计机构: 成都布道空间室内设计有限责任公司
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    Soft decoration design builds the interactive communication between people and space, touches the subtle perception of body and mind, and manifests human concern. It is absolutely not a garish trick. Entrusted institution has been working on soft decoration design for more than ten years and Tianfu no. 1 store is the third step of its brand strategy development. Specially, we invite the Division design to do the overall design, in an attempt to present a unique brand image.



    Discard the dazzling unnecessary decorations and routine templates, refuse to blindly follow the mainstream consumption hints, take the personalized customized design as the guidance, clear the set patterns and regulations, stimulate the design vitality, and endows more possibilities to creation. The blank space represents customers' unlimited expectations for future life, and also emphasizes the design mission of creating an ideal life!



    200 square meters, 3 departments, 6 functional areas, at least 24 stations, 24 seats, not all open, not all isolated. Take the design studio as the center and set up a circulation line around it to connect all functional areas, give consideration to both opening and privacy.



    The symbol of the design theme (blank space) is enclosed by luminous cubes, aims at leaving room and more possibilities to shape an outstanding brand identity.



    The color combination of white box on black background and its luminous effect create an extreme spatial level and strengthen the brand visual tension.



    Three negotiation rooms of totally different styles waiting for guests with clear individuality.









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