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    What is the most comfortable way for a family to get along?

    A little figure as far as the eye can see,

    It's the look in your eyes as you cook,

    Is the happy chatter of a family,

    The warm picture of a family of four is vividly portrayed.




    The growth of a child is destined to be wonderful and short. As time flies by, the child will grow up and travel far and wide. As parents, they always want to accompany the child as much as possible, so that the child will remember his childhood days full of energy and love in the future. Parents' love is like a story of growth and confession of all the beautiful elements, but also a love letter, a prelude, a waiting......





    The owner is a young couple born after 1980, with two lovely babies. Goodwife hopes the design of the home can be a few simpler, do not need too complex encumbrance, restore the dinkum of the life is good. I also hope to have a suitable area for children to play, and the time to play games with children is precious. Goodwife is moving stylist to the hope of future home.




    The focus of the parent-child relationship is to build the possibility of more communication. As a designer, it is extremely important to draw the lifestyle of the owner into the interior space through the presupposition and display of different living scenes. Therefore, in the space planning, the guest dining room and the balcony are placed under the same perspective, under the open, interactive space system, the shadow of each other as far as the eye can see. Household behavior reveals the warmth that gives lasting below this open space, goodwife cooks dish in the kitchen, the love to the family is rolled into this one day in 3 meals, turn head to be able to see small host is beside frolicking dozen make fun of.





    The balcony of large area brings natural light into the room, the breeze and sunrise sunset all wrap oneself into ordinary life, a quiet and beautiful picture presents before one's eyes.





    On the space decoration, the space surface is shaped with simple and clean lines. Below the tonal of black and white gray, daily life becomes simple and pure. In order to give small host safe, healthy growth environment, furniture of round horn is used as far as possible inside the space, stylist can bring human nature to care in subtle place always.





    Through the corridor, into the privacy area, a large area of orange curved shape into the eye, to create a sense of ceremony into the children's room, it seems to be in the adults declared that "now you have entered the children's area, please keep the childlike heart.





    The children's room still USES the arc shape of the public space, and the curved furniture and wall shape make the space soft. Also put the children like a lot of dolls into it, to meet the age of the small master should have some tong Qu. The greatest peace of mind for parents is to watch the face of their children when they are asleep, resting on their pillows after playing and chasing in the sun.





    There's always something soothing about the bedroom, and a big bed or a soft sofa can make coming home a lot easier. Find an outlet for life, unload the exhaustion of the day in this exclusive field, let the body and mind have a rest, the next day still embrace this warm and gentle life.





    The home is the tender feeling carrier of life, bearing the trivial moment in daily life, it is not floating not impetuous, not tight not slow to accommodate people in the space of all household behavior, the acceptance of a family of four a tea a meal, a smile a smile. A few years later, when the little master grows up, the memories of his childhood always come back to his mind more about the nagging of his parents. However, these trivial things of life become the most lasting fetters in his memory. The warmth, contentment and softness behind these little things always give life its greatest power.






    THE CASE STUDY AREA  |  265㎡


    FAMILY CATEGORY  |  四室两厅四卫双阳台

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