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    YOUMU工作室 | 机前,生手之意
    2015 2021-01-13T22:48:52 6 [推荐]
    设计师: 付军
    YOUMU工作室 | 机前,生手之意说明:




    In the past, the Japanese called the state of things that still existed in the potential domain before things happened "machine front", and "white", as the "initial color" of life, existed almost only in imagination and was empty.





    In many cases, emptiness is actually a state, or "machine," meaning something new: something that will be filled with content in the future.



    On this assumption, the use of white is a powerful force for communication." The process of being filled with content is not entirely subjective. The environment in which we live today is flooded with information that is either valid or invalid. Especially as young people, we often passively receive too much information. Such "fullness" not only puts pressure on our own brains to think, but also leads to ineffective communication.





    As Mr. Hara said, "white" is not "white", it is a kind of entity that the design concept turns into and exists. It is important not to try to find white, but to find a way to feel white.






    "White" allows other information to be avoided, but it also contains rich diversity. In this case, adhering to this concept, simplified, so that the artistic beauty of the building itself, perfect presentation.



    YOUMU photography studio is a studio full of infinite possibilities, and this kind of blank space allows people to imagine more than a detailed depiction.



    We are not limited to the possibility of presentation, nor limited to the imagination of the wild, all the expectations, can become a wonderful tomorrow in the YOUMU photography studio.


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